John Bertrand, Founder, Owner of Lead With Rhythm is a Certified Drum Circle Facilitator and REMO Endorsed Drum Circle Facilitator.  John brings over 35 years of drum instruction for students of all ages- private lessons, ensembles, and more.  In addition to his M.S. in education, M.B.A. course work in human resources and organizational behavior, 18 years of secondary classroom instruction in science and private sector work; John's work with Lead With Rhythm connects people-with each other, with themselves, and with their innner and outer rhythm.  These rhythms that should not only drive each person and each team, but also a company's culture of high expectations, customer and product responsiveness, leadership, excellence, and its committment to its people and mission.  

John has faciliated nearly 100 events that are uniquely tailored to client request using a highly effective tool, group drumming. and shared rhythms.  His work has included large multi-day team building events, executive leadership and mentorship programs, STEM Camps, professional development days, bridal showers, parties, couples night out, fire pit parties, dance, yoga, sip & drums and more!

Lead With Rhythm is very excited to collaborate with anyone to create amazing events that they talk about for years. 

In his desire to bring together his love of teaching drumming and rhythm, experience in the private sector, writing countless lesson plans, coupled with understanding of team and leadership dynamics, in 2017,  he founded Lead with Rhythm with the belief that everything and everyone has a rhythm, and when you find yours, be it an individual, group, team, or company, great things can happen.

We bring people together and break down barriers to communication and success… “ finding my rhythm”, is a phrase I have heard many times, in many circumstances, perhaps you have said it yourself. Individuals, couples, teams, and entire organizations have a rhythm, and once they tap into it, great things can happen. I have worked with couples, teams, groups, gymnasiums filled with participants, finding their rhythm with nothing but fun. Call me, I would love to make an amazing event happen for you.


Let us give you an experience you won't forget.