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Group  drumming  is  a  very  different  type  of  teamwork  experience,  one  which  your  people  can  apply  to  their  work and home  environments. 

Lead With Rhythm group drumming  not  only  provides  a  high  energy  and  dynamic  team  experience,  it  also  highlights  the  importance  of  teamwork  as  participants  grow from a cacophony  of  noise  to  a  rhythmic  orchestra…  with barely a word spoken!

You bring them together.

We bring the fun.

We offer corporate drumming and rhythm events:

In any venue, whether it is in your office, conference room, school auditorium, or hotel room. 

Any size group 2 to 200

Events in duration from 30 minutes to multiple days. 

Our Services

Team Building
Rhythm Events 
  • Increase social skills & self awareness.
  • Open lines of cooperation and collaboration.
  • Build community
  • Understand the power of high energy. communicating team.
  • 100% interaction,  100% participation,  100% fun!

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Building Leaders Rhythm Events
  • Build a program to reinforce your message
  • You create the message, we handle the delivery
    • no speaking,
    • no boredom,
    • just your message with laughs, energy, and participation.

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Corporate & 
Professional Development Day Rhythm Events
  • Conference openers
  • An interlude coffee break they will never forget
  • Interject a message within your conference
  • Culminating conference closer

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Let's Collaborate & Special Events
  • Sip & Drums
  • Brews & Drums
  • Dance & Drums
  • Grand Opening events
  • Bridal showers
  • Receptions
  • Girls or Boys Night out
  • Fire Pits
  • Got an event you want interaction & participation, 100% guaranteed!

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      STEM to STEAM        & Summer Camp Programs
  • Bring STEM to STEAM by adding my science connection through the ARTS , music & math, Science and the history of rhythm
  • Library summer camps
  • Large and small crowds

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Fitness & Wellness Events 
  • Elder care rhythmic events
  • Yoga & Drums
  • Dance & Drums
  • High impact, low impact rhythmic fitness sessions
  • High energy, fitness with drumming, real drums, real impact!

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We Get The Rhythm Summer Camp

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At Lead With Rhythm, our goal for team building, professional development, and leadership events is to provide effective, goal oriented, musical solutions designed to boost team moral, create community, break down communication barriers, in any team, regardless of size or make-up, or mission.  We turn our business grooves into your company culture, and we get them to speak it with drums.

Our programs are flexible, creative, and most of all, fun.  We deliver to large and small scale audiances and adapt to those that require a more sophisticated in delivery, to a more casual delivery for smaller, intimate events.  We develop a program around your vision and needs. 

So, let us take your participants from 0 to collaborative in 60 seconds.  From minimum engagement to maximum engagement right before their eyes.  Give us a call, they'll be glad you did.
Lead With Rhythm
Lead With Rhythm



Let us give you an experience you won't forget.

Meet the Owner and Lead Facilitator

John Bertrand, Founder, and Owner of Lead With Rhythm.  He is a certified Drum Circle Facilitator and REMO endorsed Drum Circle Facilitator.  Utilizing over 35 years of drum instruction of all ages, and in various venues, in addition to his M.S. in Education, M.B.A. course work in Human Resources and organizational behavior, 18 years of secondary classroom instruction and private sector management experience; John's work at Lead With Rhythm connects people with- each other, with themselves, and with their inner and outer rhythms.  These rhythms that should not only drive each person and each team, but also a company's culture of high expectations, responsiveness, leadership, excellence, and its commitment to its people and mission.

John has facilited nearly 100 events that are uniquely tailored to client requests using a hightly effective tool, group drumming and shared rhythms.  His work has included large, multi-day team building events, executive leadership and leadership mentorship programs, STEM to STEAM Camps, professional development days, bridal showers, parties, couple's night out, dance, yoga, sip & drums, and many more!

His business motto "Teaching the world to find its rhythm, one event at a time" together with boundless energy and inclusive approach to meeting people, groups, and goals where they can grow, makes each event unique in bringing the world, together.